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  • We Offer World Wide Shipping.
  • All the shoes on our website are shipped directly from stock.
  • Average shipping duration is 2-4 days for Europe.
  • Average shipping duration is 4-6 days for USA, Hong Kong, Japan.
  • Average shipping duration is 6-9 days Australia, New Zealand.

The last 15 years we have been shipping shoes all around the globe!
Most parcels are shipped with DHL Express: the fastest possible shipping service.
For Europa you can also use a cheaper shipping service with DHL Parcel.

All parcels are shipped insured and come with parcel tracking.
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What is My Shoe Size?
Here Are Some Important Tips We Learned From Experience

  • Comfort over looks.
    Do not choose the highest heel too quickly. If you're not used to wearing high heels: go for the medium heels.
  • Select your normal street shoe size, then take off half a size and you will find the shoe size you need.
  • You want your dancing shoes to have a tight fit, rather than a loose fit.
  • Open Toe shoes – like most on our website – have very different characteristics then closed nose street shoes. Therefor if you have size 37,5 we would a suggest you size 37 over size 38.
  • In general the Peep/Butterfly/Envelop toe model are designed better for wider feet.
  • In general the Open/Single band toe models for more suited standard feet.
  • Butterfly/Peep/Envelop toe models are a bit longer in length and wider at the widest part of the foot, then the Open toe models in the same shoe size.
  • If you have a hallux / bunion we suggest using butterfly models.
  • All leather shoes wear in. Where leather gets warm and is pressed upon, it forms to your feet.
  • Suede models will feel more comfortable and give in more, while patent leather or satin will feel more tight on the front.
  • For long toes we suggest a peep/butterfly models so your foot is kept backwards not crossing the nose border.
  • For many people the peep/envelope/butterfly toe models feel more secure then open toe models.
  • The Firm Band open heel cage models feel as secure as the closed heel cage models.
  • The higher the heel the more your feet is pulled backwards, resulting often in a smaller shoe size.
  • Most Ladies can wear two sizes.
  • Many Ladies that start dancing in Open Heel Cage models usually do not go back to closed heel cages.

This, more tips and international shoe size charts please read: What Is My Shoe Size?

Welcome to our Lisadore Website!
We offer Worlds Most Refines Dancing Shoes From
Comme il Faut - Buenos Aires - Argentina and our remarkable and extremely comfortable Lisadore shoes.
All our shoes are the highest quality dancing shoes, made in very small quantities (max 60 pairs for the entire planet). So on our website you will always find something unique and beautiful, top fitting handcrafted shoes.
There are three main reasons to try and buy our shoes: Stability, Comfort & Elegance.
For 15 years we have been successfully delivering and matching beautiful people with beautiful shoes. And we continuously offer new models, sizes and designs, to make sure you have lots to choose from. All our shoes are shipped directly from stock so no need to wait. Visit our website, find your ideal match, and Enjoy every inch of the dance floor!

Warm regards, Team Lisadore