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Oostduinlaan 40
2596JN - The Hague

Opening hours:

from 10 - 17h  Tuesday
from 10 - 17h  Thursday
from 10 - 17h  Friday
from 10 - 13h  Wednesday 
from 11 - 13h  Saturday

Best is to always call before visiting the shop.
Due to holiday season, or us visiting our shoes makers, the leather manufacturers and/or our clothing Atelier please call or text us one or two days in advance to make sure we are there. Thank you!
Call/Text/Wassap: +31624515409


Our Mission:
Delivering World's Best, 
Highest Quality Handmade Comfortable Dancing Shoes.
And Being The World's Best And Largest Supplier Of Comme Il Faut Shoes

Welcome to Lisadore. We want to be your number 1 supplier of Worlds finest, most elegant, most original and most comfortable handmade Argentina Tango dancing shoes
and Salsa Dancing Shoes.
We want to offer you shoes that are made specially for your feet. We want to offer you shoes that are made by real people, by real shoemakers, with real jobs and real craftsmanship.
Shoe makers that put real effort in their work, constantly improving. Shoe makers that go home at night, and work the next day, making the best, nicest and finest shoes. Because that is what they are good at. Because this is what they like to do! :)

At Lisadore we sell an original genuine handmade product.
We do not offer mass-imported-produced cheap priced perfect looking consumer goods from places where labor and environment are abused, where only stock-holders benefit.

We deliver the Original and Handmade product. All our shoemakers are appreciated for their experience, their know-how and effort. Where the best materials are used, although this all costs more, but you also get more: A shoe made with passion, care and love. Made with joy by craftsman. At Lisadore you are buying a product you can be proud of, where you contribute to the real world. You know you are buying something unique..

Comme Il Faut Shoes Made With Joy!
Just have a look at our wonderful stock and you will notice these shoes are made with pure joy! The combination of shape, colors and mateials defines the first beautiful brand. For years the two lady owners of Comme il Faut have been designing and producing the best, most elegant, most comfortable high heel dancing shoes on the marked. The gold-standard of Tango/dancing shoes, they for ever changed the entire Buenos Aires dancing night life.    

With Lisadore we want to offer a service that accompanies this beautiful product. Therefor we have the best shoes to choose from, many many models to choose from, every month new models, quick and reliable shipping services, and a fair return policy. Add to this all the effort we put in this making this website possible, and to intense effort to create these beautiful photo's of all the shoes in stock, and you have
We hope you enjoy your visit at our website, we have made it with love. And if you buy such a beautiful new pair of shoes we will rush to create sokething new for you.

Warm regards!
(Founder Lisadore)


 Lisadore moved to a New Location!

Lisadore Den Haag

2596JN - The Hague
Oostduinlaan 40
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 624 515 409
Tel: +31 70 737 0468

Chamber of Commerce: 27192138
Chamber of Commerce Den Haag
VAT nummer: NL809173682B01
BankAccount Number:  Lisadore 147 335 086
IBAN: NL17 RABO 014 733 5086
Bank: Rabobank Den Haag
Bank City: Den Haag