The Brand That Changed The Entire Buenos Aires Night Life For Ever!

Comme il Faut Shoes have been the Gold-standard for shoemaking in the dance market, for the last 18 years.
The idea was as difficult as simple: Dancing shoes were not attractive – And designer shoes you can not dance on.

Two beautiful ladies, plus a short list of the best shoemakers, put their heads together and solved this problem about 18 years ago (now year2020).
Stable Elegant dancing shoes, uniquely desinged, maximum comfort, limited edition production. And the higher the Comme il Faut heels, the more the brands stands out to others.
Since the start around ten unique new mind blowing models -per month- have left the Comme il Faut Factory, for 18 years straight, 12 months per year. Please understand this is a quality unmatched.
New wonderful and famous Comme il Faut combinations now find their way online through our Lisadore website.

The pillars this company is standing on is: Stable, comfortable high heel elegant unique dancing (evening) shoes. 

By continuesly re-inventing themselves Comme il Faut maintainted its position of being the very first and the very best in doing what the two Lady Owners of Comme il Faut: Raquel Coltrinari & Alicia Muñiz, love most: Creating colorful limited edition collector items for your feet.
One tip: By the time the new models go online they are practically sold out already. So when you see a model you love... you better be first!

Raquel Coltrinari – CEO Comme il Faut