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17 Nov New Pictures
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Hi, I am Martin, the owner of Lisadore. I hardly know how this machine works, I am just an total amateur photographer, but for the past 12 years I have been photographing these Beautiful Comme il Faut shoes myself. And with great joy, I hope that reflects in the pictures. For me it is just pleasure..
24 Oct Puntos Plateado - Lisadore
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New Lisadore Shoes – Puntos Plateado We enjoy the of making new models! Visiting the Leather Manfucturers, matching colors and heels, it is such a unique special event, everytime again. It is simply fantastic to have a peak into the kitchen of leather making, the handcarft, the art of making refine..
06 Aug Epic New Comme Il Faut Styles!
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The Brand That Changed The Entire Buenos Aires Night Life For Ever! Comme il Faut Shoes have been the Gold-standard for shoemaking in the dance market, for the last 18 years. The idea was as difficult as simple: Dancing shoes were not attractive – And designer shoes you can not dance on. Two beau..
02 Jan Photo Shoot - The Stars Of The Show
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Hi, my name is Martin. I am the owner of Lisadore, a person with a giant love for the Argentina Tango. I resonate with a lot of beautiful stuff in this world, but pure magic happens when you dance in embrace with another beautiful human being, where the dancefloor, the contact & and the music decide..
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