New Lisadore Shoes – Puntos Plateado

We enjoy the of making new models! Visiting the Leather Manfucturers, matching colors and heels, it is such a unique special event, everytime again.
It is simply fantastic to have a peak into the kitchen of leather making, the handcarft, the art of making refined leather and designs, the touch of the leathers, the extreme effort the manufacturers put into the process. It is all amazing and an honor to be part of.

Also ideas keep on flooding in and you just wish to buy all the leathers the manufacturers make!
You just want to buy everything.
Once the leather is in, then the final design process starts: selecting all the color combinations, heel types. heel heights, selecting the right type of model with the right type of leather and print. Even the color of the stitch is important.
And then the process is finished it is an absolute joy to hold the first completed shoe in your hand.

I Love That!