Comme il Faut

We Present You World's Finest Hand Crafted Argentine Tango Shoes – Comme il Faut shoes

Daring Colors, Beautiful Unique Design, Elegant Shapes, Excellent Fit, The Highest Stable Heels.. And Marvelous Foot Padding.
This Is The Company That Masters Unique Top Quality Shoe Making. And they have been the leading the market in wonderful shoemaking and basically set the standard of elegant, top performing Argentine Tango dancing shoes. For the last 16 years that is. No other company puts so much effort in creating new color and style combinations to produce new collections. And ever since they started manufacturing their right out famous fabulous shoes in Buenos Aires, they conquered their own standards. And moved beyond them.

Endless Effort, there is no other way to describe it differently.

And all that in backdrop of a country in dare needs, a country in almost constant economic backfall where average hardworking Argentinians make up for what government leaves behind.

Comme il Faut enables you to almost taste the beauty of Buenos Aires, a city as beautiful as Paris and Madrid together, filled with endless beautiful corners, little hotels, elegant balconies, huge wooded doors, and of course fantastic list of dance habitutes called Milonga's.

The two designers and Owners of Comme il Faut: Raquel Coltrinari & Alicia Muñiz, have been producing a constant eight fantastic new models per month! (16 years straight!) And to make sure the client receives something unique the shoes basically go into production once, with only around 60 pairs produced for the entire planet. They basically are sold out the moment they go live.