Comme il Faut Shoes

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Comme il Faut Shoes

Since Comme il Faut opened its doors on the Rue des Artisans - Buenos Aires,
it established an identity of its own, for ever changing the design concept of women's shoes
and Buenos Aires' Nightlife.

For women seeking quality shoes that draw attention to their feet
and show off their sensual legs and elegance, Comme il Faut offers proven comfort that
earned an impeccable reputation among ladies around the world who love wearing high heels.
The secret of these hand-crafted shoes lies in the brand's three pillars: design, quality of
materials, and superior craftsmanship, giving the shoes unique characteristics such as;
comfort and reliability on the dance floor.

Comme il Faut offers a unique combination of stability and stunning looks, brought
together by the good taste of the brand's designs, its daring use of colour, its incorporation of
novel textures, and the studied care it gives to proportion.
 Each design is produced in a limited number, making every customer the collector of an exclusive pair of shoes.

Surprising, exquisite, feminine, handmade, for women who want to look fantastic and forget about their shoes while they enjoy themselves.

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