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Welcome to Lisadore!
We offer exclusive dancing & evening shoes from Comme il Faut and from Lisadore itself.
All our shoes are the highest quality handcrafted shoes, made in very small quantities, by real shoemakers, with real jobs and real lives.
There are three main reasons to visit us and try our shoes: Stability, Comfort & Elegance.
All shoes on our website in stock are located in our store in The Hague.
For 12 years we have been successfully matching beautiful people with beautiful shoes. We have an extended range of models as each foot is different. And we have a lot of experience finding and making the perfect match.

Elegant Unique Handcrafted Dancing Shoes.

Store Address
Oostduinlaan 40
Den Haag, NL
Store Hours
open 10:00 - 17h - Tuesday
open 10:00 - 17h - Thursday
open 10:00 - 17h - Friday
open 10:00 - 13h - Wednesday
open 10:00 - 13h - Saturday
Please always call/text/wassap day before visiting!
So you do not visit with closed doors.
We might be visiting our shoemakers or leather manufacturers. (or taking a break.) Thank you!

Our Location

Oostduinlaan 40
2596JN The Hague
The Netherlands