Lisadore Dance Couture - Select Your Size


Fantastic Italian Luxury Designs & Fabrics - Dancing Clothes - Made With Joy!

With Enormous Joy We Started Making Our Own Lisadore Clothing Line.
No compromise! So we went straight to the best city in Italy to get the highest quality Fabrics and Designs. Our Luxury Viscose Is A Quality Unmatched! The inspiration for our Lisadore Dance Wear comes straight from the fabrics themselves. When we meet the producers, holding the fabrics, feeling their fall, the touch.. your imagination does the rest.

All our clothes are made right here, in our own little boutique in The Hague! We can tell you it is pure fun to discuss new fabrics, new prints, to develop new lines and models, and then to put everything into production all in all our little store.

Your Clothes Are Part Of The Dance. Therefore the highest quality materials and material-combinations are used to assist in each intimate and unique Dance Experience with You, your partner, and the music.... into one goal; To Unite Into The Complete Experience of Finding The Deeper Meaning In Movement and Flow.

Lisadore Couture
If you want something unique, you need to get the best! And to get the best fabrics and prints we went directly to Italy to obtain the most luxurious viscose filamente. Some of these fabrics we offer are straight forward Cat-Walk material! And we are proud that we found our road in this, creating our own Lisadore identity in dance wear: Lisadore Couture.

Waist Lines:

65-70 centimeters Extra Small
70-75 centimeters Small
75-80 centimeters Medium
80-85 centimeters Large
85-90 centimeters Extra Large
25,6 - 27,6 inch Extra Small
27,6 - 29,5 inch Small
29,5 - 31,5 inch Medium
31,5 - 33,5 inch Large
33,5 - 35,4 inch Extra Large