Lisadore - Examples of our beautiful shoes

Dear Client,

We are happy to offer you many beautiful dancing shoes. Our Lisadore dancing shoes are used for dancing Argentine Tango, Salsa dancing, Zouk and Latin.
We call this range our Classic Pin heel shoes, and they are characterized by the highest level comfort. Due to a unique superb soft foot bed your foot is captured and capable of feeling and exploring every inch on the dance floor. Then more magic is added by a foot matching base plate so that your feet get plenty of ground to stand on. Then next is that we visit all the fantastic leathers manufacturers ourselves so we obtain only supple beautiful leathers, and then of course it is all the years and years of experience of our shoemaker, that all these aspects are put together into a unique premium quality dancing shoe.

We then add an extra layer of quality by just making small series of collections, so each month there is something new to create, to see and to sell.
And we always wish to have many different models, so there is a lot for you to choose from.
Welcome to Lisadore, we hope to meet you on the dance floor! :)

Our Comfort Line is highly appreciated by Argentine Tango dancers, Salsa and Zouk dancers, but also our Latin dancers and Ballroom dancers find here exactly what they are looking for: Comfort Line