Return Policy

What happens when my new shoes do not fit?

Please read this page carefully. When buying shoes from our website you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.
The return policy does not apply to Sales-Items.
Read further down this page how we define Sales-Items.
In a normal situation clients can return their shoes within 14 days after receiving the shoes.
After that by law the return policy or your rights to return purchased items expires.
You have to ship back the shoes on your costs.
After that you can select any new pair, size or color.
And we will ship you this new pair on our cost.
Returns are ONLY accepted when clients follow our EXACT return instructions.
Warning: More and more clients refuse to take the instructions very serious and are thus getting in trouble with very unpleasant and unexpected costs.
STEP 1 - File Your Return Wish.
The Return Policy does not apply to Sales-Items. When you purchased a normal priced item please login and use the Contact Form to file your return-wish.
If you do not contact us before returning the shoes we can not process your return, because huge costs are involved when procedures are not followed correctly.
STEP 2 - Return Goods To Sender
ONLY AFTER we established contact you can send back the shoes and ONLY EXACTLY according our return instructions. We will e-mail you the exact correct return instruction so you can send back the shoes safely. We do not and can not accept return orders if you did not contact us before.
Most important aspects of returning the shoes will be that A) you return the shoes undamaged, untouched and unworn, B) that the invoice is NOT added to the parcel, C) that on all possible returning shipping-documents and on the package as well the value is declared LOWER then 20 Euros, D) and that all possible shipping-documents as well as the parcel itself carry the unmistakable huge characters saying "Purchase Not Accepted" written widely on the cover of the box. If this is not done properly we are charged a ridiculous amount of Euro 60 to Euro 85 of EU Import duties, Import Handling and VAT. WE WILL AND CAN NOT accept the parcel. So then your shoes will be send back to you, if you are lucky, or worse: be destroyed by your shipper on your account.
Step 3 - Shoes Returned Undamaged
Your right to return goods expires the moment you can not return goods in the same condition as they arrived.
TRY ON THE SHOES ON A SOFT CARPET ONLY. Handle the shoes with the highest care when you try them on. Your shoes must be returned undamaged in any way. No scratches on the soles are allowed, because of use on hard ground. Again: We suggest you handle shoes with the greatest care when trying them on to avoid disappointments. Shoes must shipped back within 14 days after receiving them, in the exact shape as you received them.
Step 4 - Selecting a New Pair

Only if all steps have been followed according to plan you can select another pair or size or color from our website, once we have received your shoes back. Together we agree on the new model, this model will then be shipped to your location and we will pay for the shipping costs. If you do not find the model according your desire you can select models from future collections.
When returning shoes we send you new shoes at our cost once. After that you can still change the shoes (again), but then all shipping costs (back-and-forth) are on your account.

No money is refunded for lower priced new chosen shoes. When you select a higher priced shoes you will receive a payment request for the difference that needs to be paid before we ship you the new pair.

If you can not find any new shoes that matches you interest you receive a store credit that you need to use within one year. New models arrive every month online so that won't be a problem.

Money is ONLY refunded in specific cases that are discussed with Lisadore BEFORE ordering or shipping the shoes. If money is refunded this is ONLY the amount of your order amount MINUS the actual shipping costs we had to pay for shipping you the goods, MINUS the TAX on shipping costs (only for EU members), MINUS €10 transaction and administration and restocking fee (VISA etc change us for charge backs). Refunds do not apply for International Bank Transfer orders and Western Union Payment orders as the transaction costs are to high to refund.

Sales items can not be returned! Sales Items are defined as marked down Comme il Faut Shoes, or Paso de Fuego Shoes, or Galupi Shoes reduced to prices below Euro 129 / 155 USD Ex VAT!!! For these low prices we can not offer AND the return service AND the low prices.
To avoid disappointments make sure you buy the correct shoe size!

If you have any question about our return policy please contact us first.