What Heel Height Should I Choose?

Help! What Heel Height Should I Choose?


The Correct Heel Height

The correct way to measure the height is from the side, not from the back of the heel. The correct distance is taken from the center of the heel from the side, from the middle of the heel tip to the end of the heel (see image). Please note we take the measurements with a certain margin, with steps of 0,5cm to the mark the heel heights.

Comme il Faut Heels
In principle the Comme il Faut shoes come in three heel heights:

2,5 - 8,1cm
8,3 - 8,7cm
8,7 - 9,5cm

Low, Medium and High. The difference between the three categories is of course the heel height. And equally important.. each heel has its specific bridge of the shoe and this unique combination offers the best support, stability, comfort and strength. This is how you create a top quality product.


  • Low:
    Perfect if you prefer a lower heel, this will definitely suite your preferences. If you are not used to wearing heels yet, then take either the low or the medium height.
  • Medium:
    If you already wear heels (for dance or street shoes) you can easily take the medium ones. Comfort and elegance perfectly combined. New to high heels? Don't be afraid to take the medium heels, these shoes are unlike any other brand. You will probably stick with these for ever!
  • High:
    World famous for it's elegance and comfort. Our most tested out, most balanced high heel, 100% Comme il Faut, a quality unmatched. Put these on and watch your mirror, there will be a smile on your face. Elegance, Comfort and Sexy in one picture.

Heel Height Conversion Chart cm to inch: 

Lisadore - Comfort Line Heels
Our Lisadore comfort line comes in four heels:

  • High - 9cm
  • Classic - 7,5cm
  • Abasso - 6,5cm
  • Altura - 5,5cm

All the comfort line shoes have even more padding then all the other models on our website, plus most of these have suede soles, for even more softer landings.

Our comfort line are called the "Pantoffels of the Dance Floor"